Prof. Luciano Floridi

Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information, OII

luciano_floridi-1Luciano Floridi‘s research areas are the philosophy of Information, information and computer ethics, and the philosophy of technology. Floridi is best known for his foundational research on the Philosophy of Information and Information Ethics, two new research areas that he has contributed to establish. Other research interests include the Philosophy of Technology, Epistemology, Philosophy of Logic, and the History and Philosophy of Scepticism.

Dr Brent Mittelstadt

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, OII

brent_mittelstadtBrent Mittelstadt works on the ‘Ethics of Biomedical Big Data’ project with Prof. Floridi. His research interests focus on computer ethics, in particular the ethical effects of emerging forms of medical ICT and Big Data, and theoretical development of Floridi’s philosophy of information, Jürgen Habermas’ discourse ethics, and the virtue ethics of Alisdair MacIntyre. He has previously researched the ethical implications of personal health monitoring devices, including telecare and telehealth.

Dr Mariarosaria Taddeo

Researcher, OII

mariarosaria_taddeoMariarosaria Taddeo‘s main research areas are information and computer ethics, philosophy of information, philosophy of technology, ethics of cyber-conflict and cyber-security, and applied ethics. She has published several papers on online trust, cyber-security, and cyber-warfare. She has edited (with L. Floridi) “The Ethics of Information Warfare” (Springer, 2014) and is currently writing a book on “The Ethics of Cyber Conflicts” (Routledge). She is also the president of the International Association for Computing and Philosophy.

Dr Patrick Allo

Postdoctoral Researcher, Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science in Brussels

Patrick Allo is a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science in Brussels, mainly working on topics in philosophical logic and the philosophy of information. He’s currently mostly thinking about mathematical practice, and the impact of ICT’s on how we collaborate in research. His main goal is to develop methodologies to study and formally model such ICT-mediated collaborative practices.

Dr Sandra Wachter

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Sandra Wachter  is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Data Ethics and Algorithms at the Oxford Internet Institute and a member of the Ethics and Philosophy of Information research cluster. Her research focuses on the legal and ethical implications of Big Data, AI, and robotics as well as governmental surveillance, predictive policing, and human rights online. Prior to joining the OII, Sandra worked at the Alan Turing Institute and the Royal Academy of Engineering on topics such as connectivity, AI, and autonomous systems. She serves as a policy advisor for governments and NGO’s around the world on regulatory and ethical questions concerning emerging technologies. She is also a member of the Affect- and Psychotechnology Studies Network and the Law Committee of the IEEE.

James Williams

DPhil student, OII

James_WilliamsJames Williams is a doctoral student at the Oxford Internet Institute. He studies the ethical design of persuasive technology. James is a Visiting Researcher at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, the founder of the OII’s PhilTech seminar series, and a Teaching Assistant for the OII’s Internet Technology and Regulation course. He is also a periodic commentator on technology issues in the media. His other research interests include behavioral economics, the measurement of happiness/wellbeing, virtual and augmented reality, goal and task management systems, digital narrative, and gaming.

Corinne Cath

DPhil student, OII


Corinne Cath is a doctoral student at the Oxford Internet Institute. Her main research areas are the governance of the Internet’s technical infrastructure, the multistakeholder method of Internet governance and the related issues of Internet fragmentation, “responsibility-by-design”, data ethics, and human rights online.  She regularly consults for various NGOs and governments on these topics. Corinne’s other research interests include Artificial Intelligence, private-public cooperation in cybersecurity policy development, and the politics of Internet Governance organizations like ICANN, the IETF, the W3C, the IGF, the ITU and the IEEE.

David Watson

MSc student, OII


David is interested in the impact of ICTs on knowledge.




Gili Vidan

Former MSc student, OII