Ethics and Philosophy of Information Cluster

Information is the fundamental component of the technological advances that characterise our time.  Increasing technological interactions between people, organisations, and artefacts generate, transmit, and process immense quantities of data about the social and physical world at an unprecedented rate and scale.

The Ethics and Philosophy of Information Cluster (EPIC), based at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, seeks to investigate the conceptual aspects of such radical transformations of reality brought about by this information revolution.

We aim to understand the power of information and the influence of information technologies,  which have come to mediate human experience in the modern world. Our ultimate goal is to advance philosophically robust assessment and design of emerging technologically-mediated realities. This website provides a focal point to publicize research undertaken at the Institute with ramifications for philosophical and ethical issues relating to information.

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The Ethics of Biomedical Big Data project seeks to investigate the ethical aspects and requirements of Big Data in preparation to develop a European framework for the ethical use of Big Data in biomedical research.